“How to build a relationship with the new woman of the ex -husband”

After 11 years of relations and four years of marriage, my husband and I divorced because of the woman with whom he flirted before marrying. Soon after the divorce, I met a beautiful man and is very happy with him. However, there is one unpleasant moment. I saw a border in the photographs, tried to find out in a civilized relationship in correspondence, she refused a personal meeting. Nevertheless, there is a chance that we will meet, and I do not know how to behave. I seem to have a hostility for her, but in fact I want to hug her and thank her for freed from a man who “drowned” me in a swamp. It confuses that she is sure that she won, and I am a loser for her, an abandoned wife. How to be?

Julia, after reading your letter, I wondered: and according to your personal feelings, you are in a win or in loss? Whatever happens in your marriage, the divorce still took place, and you took responsibility for it. You and your ex -husband are no longer a couple, but two individual people who, in turn, may appear partners. Which, in fact, happened.

You write that you are lucky and you met a person who was loved. So accept this gift of the universe. Your opponent got your ex, but you, like no one else, know about all the difficulties that will stand in their way. Build your new relationship, and then the question of whether you are abandoned or not.

In addition, how do you know what the “separation”

is saying about you? Moreover, she refused to meet you. None of us can like absolutely everyone – so why is it concerned that an unfamiliar woman thinks of you?

Let this period of your relationship, enjoy what fate has given you. And then in the “showdowns” relating to the past, you risk missing the present and not to create the future that is possible.

Love is generous. She forgives and accepts. So you accept everything that happened and live happily.

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