Explore GreyVolk’s comprehensive range of services, from AI-driven analytics to cloud solutions tailored for your needs. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures seamless integration and optimal performance.

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A unique combination of Indian & Israeli
Special Forces with UK based Tech Team.


85-94% of breaches are caused by Human Error. Our AI driven technology minimizes human error. The concept of remote security utilizes fewer manpower integrated with technology to cut down your costs by 20%.

Smart Parking Solutions

Designed to make parking management much more cost effective, convenient and enhance customer satisfaction. With advanced technologies such as data analytics, machine learning, and computer vision.

Integrated Security Solutions

We assure seamless security solutions by harmoniously integrating cutting-edge technology, comprehensive surveillance systems, and advanced access control mechanisms. Our holistic approach ensures optimal protection.

Perimeter Intrusion
Detection System

Three layered PIDS, comprising Fiber optics sensing solution and AI programmed video analytics not only detects and prevents a breach, but also helps locate intruders and respond intelligently.


Our venture takes pride in presenting an unparalleled experience in adventure activities, where a dedicated team of Special Forces veterans and internationally certified instructors collaborate to offer.

Security of Installation & Events

With a foundation laid by retired special forces operatives, our company unites battle experience with AI security integration. Safeguarding installations reaches new heights through our expertly curated blend of human.

About Us

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Grey-volk a new startup

Grey-volk an exclusive team of ex Indian and Israeli Special Forces Operatives along with NSG Black Cat Commandos, presents the concept of Remote Security for the first time in India.

Seamless and hassle free entry of members based on facial recognition and License Plate readers.

Our AI programmed cameras can detect any movement close to your boundary walls, and alert the security staff even before there has been a breach.

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Our Team

Col Kaushal Kashyap, Shaurya Chakra

Founder & Director of Grey-volk, is an ex Special Forces Officer with over 20 years of experience in executing sensitive operations and responsibilities. Headed an elite National Security Guards Unit. An expert in Counter terrorist, Counter hijack, Incident Response and Quick Reaction operations, he has been awarded the Shaurya Chakra in 2008.

Asef Nadal

Founder of ARES INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS MANAGEMENT based in Savyon, Israel & President of Corner Shot LLC, Asef is a retired Special Forces Officer of IDF. An Air Marshal &VIP Security Specialist, he developed the Corner ShotTM (patented) system ARES is one of the leading companies in Israel for providing counter terrorism consulting to law enforcement agencies world-wide, and a global provider of advance security consulting services, combining Integrated defence and security solutions.

Dr. Vicky Kapoor

Founder of ShtruNashak KravMaga Systems ( IUKMF ) , is the country’s first, and the only, IKMF certified from Israel , A certified instructor of SWAT (Special Weapon & Tactics), Law Enforcement, Military & Sky Marshal., he has a diploma in Anti-Terrorism and Hostage situation Management from IISSM. He is the author of “Krav Maga Manual for Armed Force” & “Improvise Adapt Overcome” , He has conducted training of various government security agencies like NSG, NEPA, Punjab Police, SPG, CISF, Tamil Nadu Police, Kerala Police & CBI.

Why Choose Us

Defending with Distinction: Human Skill & Technological Brilliance

Who better to ensure your safety than the Special Forces

Grey-volk is not just another Security Company, it is a team of exceptional professionals & specialists, who have proved their commitment to security of the Nation on numerous occasions. The team comprises of battle hardened soldiers who have been the best in their fields, have overcome all odds and made personal sacrifices to keep the Nation safe. Today they stand united backed by state of art technology, to offer you the most memorable security experience.

We are an exclusive team of retired Indian and Israeli Special Forces Operatives along with NSG Black Cat Commandos. We bring with us specialist skills, and extensive experience in executing sensitive security operations globally and are here to redefine the security paradigm across the country and bring to you an exceptional and hi-tech security experience.